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Facebook Cracks ONE BILLION Monthly Users

By Jeff McLinden

Who says social media isn’t worth the effort?

If you’re NOT using Facebook to market your business or organization, you’re missing the most obvious goldmine since giant nuggets were found in Sutter’s Creek.  Marketing strategy craves an audience…yet so many marketers place more emphasis on creative than on the two most critical elements of successful marketing:  AUDIENCE and OBJECTIVE.

Now, if you’re looking for an audience, what better place to fin it than on Facebook?  With one billion monthly users (as of October 5, 2012), Facebook represents the single greatest source of easily identifiable (and, thus, targetable) prospects in marketing history.

You see, too many businesses and organizations are quick to dismiss Facebook (and other social sites, for that matter) as merely places to engage EXISTING customers in dialogue, posting updates about product innovations or taking polls about customer favorites, etc. The real value of Facebook is in its potential for PROSPECTING for new customers, clients or donors.

Where else do you have such easy — and ready — access to one-sixth of the world’s population?  To people who have self-identified their interests, likes and dislikes?  And to the built-in strategic tools that permit you to isolate and test even the most obscure, localized, demographically precise niche audiences with split messaging under highly controlled budgeting and daily monitoring of results?

Friends, hear me on this…  This is one of the very best marketing laboratories in the history of marketing!  You can play mad marketing scientist on even a shoestring budget.  Take advantage of the best reasons to use Facebook marketing — to find precise audiences and to test marketing objectives FOR those audiences.

What better time to play mad scientist than right now, with Halloween approaching?

By the way, if you need an evil assistant, we’ll be happy to help…