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Has Your Website Gone Mobile?

Mobile-Optimized WebsitesWhen you use a standard HTML browser to look at a website on a mobile device, the website appears just as it would on a desktop computer. Since a mobile device has a much smaller screen it makes is very difficult to see the information, to read the print and to push any of the buttons to connect with the company. You can zoom into the text to read it better and you can scroll up and down and right and left to see everything on the page, but this is difficult and tedious. Eventually you will give up. A mobile website is designed to make viewing a website on a mobile device easier and much more enjoyable.

What is different about a mobile optimized website? First the text will be rearranged so that it will fit easily onto the smaller screen of a mobile device. The text will be larger and easier to follow and you won’t have to scroll from side to side to read a single sentence. This will make it much easier to read the words. Also, a mobile website is designed with thumb-friendly user interface buttons. These buttons make it super easy to touch to connect to social media websites, to directly call the company or to find out more information.

In short, a mobile website is a website that is easy and fun to look at on a mobile device. These sites can display text, photos, images, data and video. They can also offer mobile-specific features like location-based mapping services and click to call features. Since more and more people today are using their mobile devices to find local companies online, it makes sense for businesses to use mobile optimized websites.

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