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Tapping the Power of LIVE Video Marketing

By Jeff McLinden

Savvy marketers already understand that

online video marketing is the gorilla that must be tamed in order to explode your business on the Internet

.  Now the power of

LIVE video marketing

is coming to the little guys — smaller businesses and organizations who have limited resources.

YouTube is the secret to massive exposure and audience engagement.  You may already know that YouTube streams upwards of 3 billion hours of video every single day.  But did you know that you can do LIVE streaming on YouTube — and invite your friends, contacts, prospects and customers to watch — and do it for FREE?  Imagine the possibilities for product demonstrations, online video lessons, screen sharing walk-throughs, or other forms of customer engagement!

A popular web series called GeekBeat.TV does a weekly live show that broadcasts on YouTube.  Those shows are then archived by YouTube and stored on GeekBeat’s channel. (Here’s where you can see the archives of many past episodes).

You may not have an entire series that you wish to broadcast.  But if you have customers for your products or services (let’s say you are a chiropractor, for example), just imagine the possibilities of having a regular, live 10-minute program to show your patients wellness tips or the latest stretching techniques.  Since YouTube archives these live broadcasts, you are also populating your branded channel with valuable videos that help you rise in related web searches.

Here’s a great article by Paul Colligan that shows, step-by-step, how simple it can be to broadcast live content on YouTube using the “back door” of Google+. Now’s the time to put online video into your marketing plan.