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Millennials Abandoning Facebook??

By Jeff McLinden

splashReaching the all important youth market has taken another twist in the road.

Social media will continue to be the most important venue for brands to connect with millennials, but not, perhaps, in the way you expected according to a recent article posted by

The author —  Christie Garton — asserts, “Only six percent of 12- to 17-year-olds who use the web want to be friends with a brand on Facebook, according to a Forrester 2011 report.

“Circumstantially, this was supported by a millennial conference I attended when a panel of college students all raised their hands when asked if they were thinking about logging out of Facebook for good. While it wasn’t a scientific study, the observation spoke volumes as to where Facebook may be heading.

“And now, fairly recent research backs it up. With more than half of teens stating social media plays a role in purchases, Twitter has surpassed Facebook as the site deemed most important, according to a fall survey by investment-banking firm Piper Jaffray. The report also found Facebook’s popularity is diminishing among this key demographic, with 23 percent of teenagers stating it is the most important social network site, down from 33 percent six months ago and 42 percent a year ago.”

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Now don’t make the mistake of abandoning the Facebook ship entirely and moving your social strategy exclusively to Twitter.  Unfortunately, such trend-driven marketing hysteria is all too common in the marketplace today.

Instead, do what all good marketers SHOULD do — TEST.  TEST.  And TEST some more.  And, as Christie points out, do what you can to SERVE your customers well.  Regardless of demographic, customers always appreciate being appreciated.  So if you want to keep them, keep them happy.