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Why Blogging Makes a TANGIBLE Difference

By Jeff McLinden

Does your business or organization have an active blog?  If not you’d better rethink your strategy.

According to online expert Don Crowther, blogging makes a huge difference in the number of visitors to your site, which of course means significant increases in the number of leads you will generate.  If online marketing is supposed to work, then why not take advantage of the tools that contribute to success?

Take a look at the info graphic below, courtesy of Don Crowther:

The Benefits Of Blogging – Hard Number Evidence - An Infographic from

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Blogging is a power tool.  Imagine trying to build a house with just a handsaw and a hammer!  For the relatively small amount of effort it requires to post new content a few times per month or per week, you could be reaping the benefits of much greater visibility in the search engines, more visitors to your site, more opt-ins to your newsletter, more opportunities to sell your product or service and more customers.