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Nonprofit Publications:

Marketing, Branding,

Your cause isn't only important to you -- it's of vital concern to your constituents. 

Your nonprofit's marketing and communications strategies should aim to create powerful donor experiences, delightful interactions --
 and lifetime partnerships. 

With 35 years serving nonprofits, our publications show you how to be successful in your organization.

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It's about finding, winning and keeping customers...

Internet marketing boils down 
to this simple, critical rule: 

If you get more LEADS you'll
 get more CUSTOMERS.
Only THEN can you create community.

Are YOU getting -- and following up -- all the leads you need from YOUR website and social media marketing activities?

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Raising Support for Ministry? Want to get done faster -- and KEEP the partners you gain?

If you are a missionary or Christian worker and you must raise financial support for your work, be sure to check out our comprehensive training program at Sign up for our complete ONLINE video training course -- and accelerate your support raising!

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"Jeff has been a trusted friend for a decade and has provided excellent leadership
through consulting for marketing, communications, and branding.
I would highly recommend him to any organization!"

-- Dave Meyers, ZimZam Global

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working closely with Jeff McLinden since early 2010. Jeff played a vital role
in our organizational rebranding, helping us transition from CAM International to Camino Global."

-- Phil O'Day, Camino Global

"The experience that Wordsmith Marketing LLC brings to the table is phenomenal. They passionately desire for you to be successful."

-- P.J. Garton, New Tribes Missionary Training Center

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